Guide to Pallet Sizes

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Author: Max Antonov

Updated: 06/07/2023

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A Comprehensive Guide to Pallet Sizes with FuseFreight

Understanding pallet sizes is crucial when planning for pallet shipping. It’s a key factor in optimizing your logistics and reducing costs. At FuseFreight, we’re here to help you make sense of the various pallet sizes and choose the best one for your shipping needs.

Standard Pallet Sizes

There are several standard pallet sizes used globally, with the most common ones being:

  1. North American Standard (Grocery) Pallet: This measures 40″ x 48″ and is widely used in North America.
  2. European Standard Pallet (EUR Pallet): This pallet is widely used in Europe and measures 800mm x 1200mm.
  3. Australian Standard Pallet: Primarily used in Australia, this pallet measures 1165mm x 1165mm.
  4. Asia Standard Pallet: Used in Asia, this pallet measures 1100mm x 1100mm.

Remember, the choice of pallet size should align with the size and weight of your shipment, as well as the requirements of the countries you’re shipping to and from.

3 Most Common Questions about Pallet Sizes

1. Why are there different pallet sizes? Different regions have developed specific pallet sizes based on their unique needs and standards. These are often dictated by the most common sizes of doorways, truck beds, rail cars, and cargo containers in those regions.

2. Can FuseFreight accommodate all pallet sizes? Absolutely! At FuseFreight, we have experience handling a wide range of pallet sizes. We can guide you in selecting the best pallet size for your freight shipping needs.

3. How does pallet size affect shipping costs? The size of the pallet can directly impact the cost of shipping. Larger pallets may take up more space in a truck or container, potentially increasing the shipping cost. However, they can also allow for more efficient stacking of goods, which can lower costs.

Choosing the right pallet size is a crucial step in efficient and cost-effective freight shipping. Get a Free Quote from FuseFreight today, and let our team of experts help you optimize your logistics operations!