How To Ship Produce?

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Author: Max Antonov

Updated: 06/07/2023

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Shipping Fresh Produce: A Guide by FuseFreight

Shipping fresh produce can be a complex task, given the need to maintain optimal temperature and humidity levels. At FuseFreight, we specialize in ensuring your produce arrives fresh and intact, no matter the destination.

Key Considerations for Shipping Fresh Produce

There are several factors to consider when shipping fresh produce:

  1. Proper Packaging: Using crates or boxes that allow for ventilation can help preserve the freshness of your produce.
  2. Temperature Control: It’s crucial to maintain the optimal temperature for your specific type of produce throughout the shipment process.
  3. Fast Transit Times: The less time in transit, the fresher your produce will be upon arrival. Prioritize expedited shipping options when available.
  4. In-Transit Care: Regularly monitor temperature and humidity levels during the journey to ensure optimal conditions are maintained.

Top 5 FTL Carriers for Fresh Produce in Chicago

When shipping fresh produce in large volumes, Full-Truckload (FTL) carriers are your best bet. Here are five top FTL carriers in Chicago:

  1. C.R. England:
    • Pros: Specializes in refrigerated freight, excellent on-time delivery.
    • Cons: Limited non-refrigerated services, variable customer service.
  2. Prime Inc:
    • Pros: Expert in refrigerated freight, top-notch customer service.
    • Cons: Limited dry van services, pricing can be high.
  3. J.B. Hunt Transport Services:
    • Pros: Wide range of services, reliable.
    • Cons: Higher rates, longer transit times for long-distance shipments.
  4. Werner Enterprises:
    • Pros: Reliable on-time delivery, excellent safety record.
    • Cons: Limited availability in some regions, higher rates.
  5. Schneider National:
    • Pros: Extensive coverage, reliable services.
    • Cons: Limited capacity during peak seasons, higher rates.

Choosing the right carrier for shipping fresh produce can make a significant difference in the quality of your product upon arrival. With FuseFreight, you’ll have the guidance and support you need to navigate this intricate process. Want to take your produce shipping to the next level? Get a Free Quote from FuseFreight today and let’s get started!