Top 25 Freight Companies

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Author: Max Antonov

Updated: 06/07/2023

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Top 25 Freight Companies

Selecting the right freight company is a vital decision for your business. The efficiency and reliability of your chosen provider can heavily influence your operations and customer satisfaction. Here at FuseFreight, we’ve compiled a list of the top 25 freight companies in the USA by revenue, providing a brief overview of their services, and their pros and cons.

1. FedEx Freight

  • Description: FedEx Freight ranks top in revenue and is renowned for its nationwide LTL freight services.
  • Services: LTL (Less Than Truckload), full truckload, and specialty freight services.
  • Pros: Known for their reliable and timely deliveries with superb tracking features.
  • Cons: Rates may be higher compared to some competitors.

2. UPS Freight

  • Description: UPS Freight, a globally recognized brand, holds a substantial market share in freight and logistics services.
  • Services: LTL, full truckload, international shipping, and specialty freight services.
  • Pros: Offers extensive coverage and a reliable service.
  • Cons: Rates can be high, especially for smaller businesses.

3. XPO Logistics

  • Description: XPO Logistics is a top-tier global provider of transportation and logistics services.
  • Services: LTL, full truckload, last mile logistics, freight brokerage, and global forwarding.
  • Pros: Extensive service offerings with global coverage.
  • Cons: Mixed reviews on customer service.

4. J.B. Hunt Transport Services

  • Description: J.B. Hunt is one of the largest transportation logistics companies in North America.
  • Services: Intermodal, dedicated contract services, integrated capacity solutions, and truckload services.
  • Pros: Diverse service offerings, reputable brand.
  • Cons: Rates can be high for certain services.

5. YRC Freight

  • Description: YRC Freight is a top LTL freight company with a long history.
  • Services: National, regional, and international LTL services.
  • Pros: Extensive coverage and flexible service options.
  • Cons: Customer service can be inconsistent.

6. Schneider National

  • Description: Schneider National is a premier provider of transportation, logistics, and intermodal services.
  • Services: Truckload, intermodal, logistics, and brokerage services.
  • Pros: Diverse service offerings, strong reliability.
  • Cons: Customer service experiences vary.

7. Landstar System

  • Description: Landstar System is a worldwide provider of integrated transportation management solutions.
  • Services: Truckload, LTL, intermodal, air, ocean cargo.
  • Pros: Wide variety of services, global coverage.
  • Cons: Rates can be higher than some competitors.

8. Old Dominion Freight Line

  • Description: Old Dominion Freight Line is a leading LTL company providing nationwide service.
  • Services: LTL, truckload, container drayage, and supply chain consulting.
  • Pros: Excellent on-time delivery record and low claims ratio.
  • Cons: Limited international services.

9. Estes Express Lines

  • Description: Estes Express Lines is a full-service freight transportation provider.
  • Services: LTL, Time Critical, Volume and Truckload, International.
  • Pros: Broad range of services, high reliability.
  • Cons: Limited global presence.

10. ABF Freight

  • Description: ABF Freight is a long-standing freight company with robust services.
  • Services: LTL, Trade Show, Time Critical, Expedited Freight.
  • Pros: Strong reputation, comprehensive services.
  • Cons: Some complaints about customer service.

11. R+L Carriers

  • Description: R+L Carriers is a global shipping company with over 50 years of experience.
  • Services: LTL, Truckload, Expedited, International, Supply Chain Solutions.
  • Pros: Provides a wide array of services, highly experienced, and extensive network coverage.
  • Cons: Customer service experiences vary, can be more costly for smaller shipments.

12. Saia LTL Freight

  • Description: Saia has a strong presence in the South and Midwest.
  • Services: Regional LTL, interregional LTL, expedited LTL.
  • Pros: Reliable regional service, extensive coverage in certain areas.
  • Cons: Limited coverage in some regions.

13. Averitt Express

  • Description: Averitt Express is a leading provider of freight transportation and supply chain management.
  • Services: LTL, Time Critical, Supply Chain, International.
  • Pros: Reliable service, broad range of services.
  • Cons: Limited coverage in some regions.

14. Central Transport

  • Description: Central Transport is a privately owned full-service custom logistics provider.
  • Services: LTL, cross docking, pool distribution.
  • Pros: Personalized customer service, wide range of service options.
  • Cons: Limited international services.

15. Southeastern Freight Lines

  • Description: Southeastern Freight Lines is a leading provider in the Southeast and Southwest regions.
  • Services: Regional LTL, Truckload, Supply Chain.
  • Pros: High reliability, excellent regional coverage.
  • Cons: Limited to the Southeast and Southwest regions.

16. AAA Cooper Transportation

  • Description: AAA Cooper Transportation is a multi-regional transportation solutions provider.
  • Services: LTL, Dedicated Contract Carriage, International.
  • Pros: Diverse service offerings, strong regional focus.
  • Cons: Limited global reach.

17. Pitt Ohio

  • Description: Pitt Ohio offers reliable LTL and Truckload service in the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest.
  • Services: LTL, Truckload, Supply Chain.
  • Pros: Excellent on-time record, extensive regional coverage.
  • Cons: Limited to the Mid-Atlantic and Midwest regions.

18. Dayton Freight

  • Description: Dayton Freight specializes in LTL freight transport across the Midwest.
  • Services: LTL, Truckload, Supply Chain, Expedited.
  • Pros: High customer satisfaction, strong regional focus.
  • Cons: Limited to Midwest regions.

19. Oak Harbor Freight Lines

  • Description: Oak Harbor Freight Lines offers LTL service in the West.
  • Services: LTL, Retail, Trade Show.
  • Pros: Reliable service, strong regional focus.
  • Cons: Limited to Western states.

20. Roadrunner Freight

  • Description: Roadrunner Freight offers customizable LTL solutions.
  • Services: LTL, Third-Party Logistics, Over-The-Road Trucking.
  • Pros: Flexible service options, competitive pricing.
  • Cons: Some reports of inconsistent delivery times.

21. A. Duie Pyle

  • Description: A. Duie Pyle offers a range of services in the Northeast.
  • Services: LTL, Dedicated, Warehousing & Distribution.
  • Pros: Strong regional coverage, comprehensive service offerings.
  • Cons: Limited to Northeast regions.

22. Ward Transport and Logistics

  • Description: Ward Transport and Logistics offers reliable LTL and logistics services.
  • Services: LTL, Truckload, Logistics, Warehousing.
  • Pros: High reliability, diverse service offerings.
  • Cons: Limited coverage in some regions.

23. Reddaway

  • Description: Reddaway provides Western U.S. regional LTL services.
  • Services: Regional LTL, Truckload, Expedited.
  • Pros: Excellent regional coverage, reliable service.
  • Cons: Limited to Western U.S.

24. Clear Lane Freight Systems

  • Description: Clear Lane Freight Systems offers economical LTL freight services.
  • Services: LTL, Special Services including Volume Pricing and Expedited.
  • Pros: Competitive pricing, flexible service options.
  • Cons: Transit times may be longer than some competitors.

25. Xpress Global Systems

  • Description: Xpress Global Systems specializes in shipping for the floor covering industry, with a unique niche market service.
  • Services: LTL, Warehousing, Home Delivery, Expedited.
  • Pros: Expertise in floor covering logistics, broad range of services, and an extensive network in this niche.
  • Cons: Specialized focus may not fit all shipping needs, limited international services.