Classic Car Transport

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Author: Max Antonov

Updated: 06/07/2023

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Classic Car Transport

At FuseFreight, we understand the unique requirements of Classic Car Transport. Our experienced team ensures your cherished vehicle is handled with the utmost care, utilizing specialized car shipping solutions to preserve its value and integrity.

  1. Enclosed Shipping: Classic cars often require enclosed shipping to protect them from the elements, debris, and potential damage. FuseFreight offers a variety of enclosed shipping options, tailored to the needs of your classic car.
  2. Expert Handling: Our team is highly skilled in handling classic cars, ensuring a safe loading, transportation, and unloading process. We take every precaution to minimize the risk of damage during transit.
  3. Insurance Coverage: When transporting a classic car, it’s essential to have adequate insurance coverage in place. FuseFreight works with reputable insurance providers to ensure your classic car is fully protected during the shipping process.
  4. Customized Solutions: We understand that every classic car is unique and may require specific transportation accommodations. Our team works closely with you to create a customized shipping solution that meets your vehicle’s specific requirements.

Trust FuseFreight for your Classic Car Transport needs and experience the difference our expertise can make.

Shipping Your Classic Car: Enclosed Transport and Costs

When it comes to shipping a classic car, selecting the right transportation method and understanding the costs involved are crucial. Here’s what you need to know:

  1. Enclosed Car Shipping: Enclosed car shipping is the preferred method for classic car transport. This type of shipping keeps your vehicle protected from weather, road debris, and potential damage during transit. Enclosed carriers can be either soft-sided or hard-sided, with the latter offering even greater protection.
  2. Higher Costs: Classic car transport often comes with higher costs due to the specialized services required. Enclosed shipping, for instance, is more expensive than open transport. However, the added protection and peace of mind are well worth the investment.
  3. Loading and Unloading: Special care must be taken when loading and unloading a classic car to minimize the risk of damage. Hydraulic lifts or low-angle ramps are often used to safely load and unload vehicles with low ground clearance.
  4. Insurance Coverage: Classic cars often have a higher value, which means adequate insurance coverage is crucial. Be sure to verify your transporter’s insurance coverage and consider purchasing additional coverage if necessary.

By choosing FuseFreight for your classic car transport, you’ll receive professional, reliable service tailored to your vehicle’s unique needs. Request a Free Quote and let our experts handle your classic car with the care and attention it deserves.